Pink Flamingo

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Pink Flamingo

15.00 every month

Your impact:

  • 6kg of plastic collected and recycled on your behalf every month that will not end up into the ocean!

  • 16,2 kg of CO2eq. avoided every month thanks to the fact that this plastic will be recycled and not incinerated.

  • 1,5 day of salary of one of our worker financed every month thanks to you.

Your benefits:

  • Your certificate of ocean bound plastic footprint neutrality and CO2 offsetting

  • A banner The Plaf to add to your social network

  • A post of your engagement on our social medias (if desired)

  • A visit of our warehouse in Paranaque (Philippines)

  • An exclusive access to our Plaf private Facebook group

  • Discount vouchers in our eco-responsible partners shops (soon)