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We recycle plastic waste to build emergency shelters

Our plastic is then recycled into planks locally, in the Philippines. Already 4 metrics tons of plastic waste collected by The Plastic Flamingo have been recycled into planks.

The planks are crafted to build transitional shelters. Our model is circular: from plastic waste collected in the municipalities, we make transitional shelters for the local communities.

In the Philippines, Typhoon Haiyan devastated large parts of the country in November 2013. The typhoon, which was the strongest to have ever made landfall, displaced more than 4 million people, and damaged or destroyed 1.1 million homes.

A recent study of the Global Peace Index 2019 demonstrates that the Philippines is the country most threatened by Climate Change in the world. It is struck by more than 20 typhoons in an average year, and that number is expected to rise.

The East-Asian and Philippines market for Transitional shelters is thus sadly huge and in constant growth.


We provide full visibility on the recycling process, from the collection to the manufacturing , and we ensure effective quality control and good working conditions.